I am Burhan Mirza a firm believer of empowerment. It enables passion to transform into leadership – that is one reason I have been able to grow a number of startups and invest in a couple of them. Currently, I am Burhan Mirza the CEO of Private Software house, one of Pakistan’s leading IT firms that is transforming thousands of businesses around the globe.

We have been able to deliver continuous growth by delivering a complete makeover to brands and uplifting their digital presence across platforms. Having an ever-growing demand by businesses around the globe, especially in those regions where we serve, our team has been able to grow to 1,200+ team members in just the last 3 years.

The Internet has created a truly democratic environment enabling many startups and small businesses to flourish and grow. Private software house has been part of the same ecosystem and through leadership and training, Burhan Mirza & team have been able to see phenomenal growth in a short period of time.

In today’s world, all businesses need to be customer-centric, and therefore, I’m always taking up challenges where a customer problem is identified, broken down and solved through the efficient use of technology. This builds the core of what we are today in Digital world.

Our team members are the backbone of , we continuously empower them to create upward mobility – we believe in them even if they may not see their own potential. With a vision to create scalable global digital products, my team and I are on the path to creating numerous success stories from Pakistan with a vast potential to build entrepreneurial mindsets.

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